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Feathered Landing is an hour-long performance comprised of six dances choreographed by six different choreographers. See below for details on the variety of works featured in the performance.

 2015 – A Trilogy of New Work by Mariah Maloney

Between is a quirky yet silky and curious trio exploring the empty space and   shadows we experience when someone transitions from this world. The piece celebrates empathy on the kinesthetic level. Space Pixelation II exploits the possibilities of the female body inside detailed and repetitive articulations with original composition and performance by Richard DeLaney of the Rochester based Mambo Kings. Pedestrian Edge brings the female body forward in powerful stillness juxtaposed with force.

Picture 16 Simple Man by Brandon Whited

Simple Man, excerpted from the larger work Cipher XY, focuses on the interpersonal connections of support, friendship and closeness between men.Cipher XY is a choreographic exploration of masculine representation and identity. Interrogating traditional tropes of archetypal masculinity and what it means to be male/masculine in dance and life, the work seeks to present a range of multiple masculinities.  The duet “Simple Man” — excerpted from the larger work Cipher XY focuses on the interpersonal connections of support, friendship and closeness between men. Photo Copyright: Lois Greenfield

0708150756~2Sleeping with Candles by Sarah Gullo Andreacchi

This work investigates the imagery of sleeping bodies and all that happens in the places of dreams. Sleeping with Candles considers the dreamt feel of flying, the strange situations in which we find ourselves with often characters we know, as well as the concept of reoccurring dreams.



Rhythmic Interactions in collaboration with musicians Joel Boyer (banjo) and Sean McGinnis Scanlon (drums).

We bring three rhythm instruments into conversation—djembe,
banjo, and cowboy boots – yes boots! Building layers of sound and exchanging rhythms, the performers produce the music and the dance simultaneously to create Rhythmic Interactions.


Photo.Lantern.1Semi-Formal by Tammy Carrasco and Sarah Levitt

The work focuses on the implications of Carrasco and Levitt’s strikingly similar physical attributes. Petite in stature and equally athletic with a low-riding center of gravity, their “sameness” opens up a rich space to explore unison material, improvisation and partnering to a heightened degree of precision. The two women aim to posit athleticism, strength and a guttural sense of ‘go,’ together with femininity and the nuances that make distinct their individualized movement sensibilities. Photo Credit: Jess Cavender

_D3X3596Zero Hour by Ann Sofie Clemmensen

 This work is a solo that explores my personal journey returning to the stage after a seven-year long hiatus: a journey in which I approach “zero hour” as a physical state in time between past and future– the then and now. Photo credit: Ian Douglas


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